pubg addiction & overcome

pubg addiction overcome

IS PUBG AN ADDICTION!   Hi everyone in this blog we are going to see pubg addiction and its overcoming. pubg addiction can be easily overcome by following the steps.

Addiction ? many school and college are sending message to all the parents to see that your child is playing pubg and not concentrating in study’s .

because of pubg so many of them are not getting sleep at night. 

Waste of time and children’s are not playing outside and they are playing only with mobile phone’s. 

They are not talking with friends and family they are only in pubg game. 

Pubg addiction is similar to drug addiction.

So many of them addicted to this because we love playing with friends because man is a social animal he thinks that he wants to be the best one due to this mindset all are addicted to pubg. He can help he can fight so he will be the hero in that world.

the other reason for this addiction is a level increase.


*Don’t kill, make you to survive in the game for a long time so you will not addict to it.

*Don’t play pubg in night time.

*Read books so you will forget playing pubg.

*See documentary videos or movies.

*We should avoid seeing pubg related pages on Facebook , Instagram ect… It will make us to play pubg.

*Delete pubg related WhatsApp groups and change the name and dp and talk other topic’s.

*Avoid playing pubg with friends.

*Set a timing to play pubg .

*Don’t set a goal to win.

*Go and play outside.

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Good luck ! have a nice day!


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