What is aura?
Did you know the old paintings of god it can be Jesus or Lord Shiva are any god the painters drew like a light emitting from the painting they indirectly saying that is an aura
It is powerful for them so they are god

Aura is a pseudoscientific topic and is nothing but thoughts of us it is surrounded our body
*Aura of Buddha is nearly 1000 km…
*For a normal person, it will be 2 to 3 feet
If we think something strongly it will affect the person nearby and they also think the same
A strong mind can affect a weak mind
Buddha aura is very strong
The animal which is lived in buddhas forest also did not kill an animal for there food
So all the animal which kill and eat are left the forest
If We had some problem we think we want to talk to a person Because they might have positive vibes came to be seen by aura photography
it is nothing but a different color light around the human body
If you went to death you will feel sad and cry it is because of negative vibes
If a person lives the vibes will be positive if they die it will be negative

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