types of retailers

types of retailers

Retailing is the process of selling the goods and services directly to the ultimate consumers in small quantities – types of retailers

On the basis of the size of the business product mix pricing and service level and ownership of the business, types of retailers can be classified into the following categories

1.Itinerant or mobile traders

2 fixed shop small retailers

3 fixed shop large scale retailers

Itinerant or mobile traders

The traders who have no fixed place of sale are called itinerants they move from one place to another place in search of customers they are also known as mobile traders mobile traders deals in low price daily usable items such as fruits vegetables fish clothing book etc they require small amount of investment the type of itinerants, are as follows

Peddlers and Hawkers:

Peddlers are individuals who sell their goods by carrying on their head or shoulders moving from place to place on foot Hawkers are petty retailers who sell their goods at various places such as bus stop railway station public parks and Gardens residential areas and other public places using your convenient vehicle to carry goods from place to place

Street vendors :

The traders sit on the footpath of the road or added of the road and sell the goods such as fruits vegetables books etc are called Street vendors

Market traders :

Small traders open their shops at different places on fixed days are dated such as every Sunday or alternative Wednesday and so on they deal in one particular line of merchandise and low priced consumer items of daily use example Pollachi Manapparai Ranipet etc

Cheap jacks :

Those retailers who have independent shops of temporary nature in a  business locality are

depending upon the potentiality of the area.they deal in consumer goods and service such as shoes and chappals plastic items repair of watches etc

Fixed shop retailers :

The retailers who maintain permanent establishment to sell the goods or called fixed shop retailers they do not move from place to place to serve their customers the fixed shop retailers can be classified into two types on the basis of the size of their operations they are a. fixed shop small retailers and

b. fixed shop large retailers

Fixed shop small retailers are of the following categories

General Stores

General Stores sell a variety of products under one roof most commonly found in local market and residential areas to satisfy the day to day needs after customers residing in nearby localities they remain open for long hours at convenient timings and often provide credit facilities to the regular customers, for example, a Provision Store deals in grocery bread butter toothpaste soap washing powder soft drink confectionery stationery cosmetics etc

Street stalls

These small shopkeepers are commonly found at Street Crossings or other busy Street corners attract floating customers and dealing a cheap variety of goods like hosiery products toys soft drinks extra they get their supplies from local suppliers and wholesalers

Single line stores

Single line stores or small shop which deal in your particular line of products such as garments stationery Textiles medicines shoes etc  they are generally situated in marketplaces and deal in a variety of goods in the line of product

Specialty stores

Specialty stores deals in a particular type of product under one product line only  

example sweet shop specialised in thrunelveli halwa Bengali sweets etc

Fixed shop large retailers

Retailers having permanent establishment and dealing in large scale are called fixed shop large scale retailers they are popular due to urbanization modernization and other reasons the most common forms of large scale retailer are as follows

1. Departmental stores

A departmental store is a large retail establishment offering a wide variety of products classified into well -defined departments each department specialize in one particular line of product aimed at satisfying every customer’s needs under one roof each department is like a separate shop with centralized purchasing selling and accounting administrative activities of the departmental stores are managed by a General Manager the general manager appoints department manager of each department

Chain stores or multiple shop

A number of an identical retail shop with similar appearance normally deals in established in different localities owned and operated by manufacturers or intermediaries are called chain stores or multiple shops. in the USA, these are known as chain stores

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