surface transport

surface transport

Transport of people and goods by land vehicles is known as surface transport it is also called ‘Land transport’.

Pack animals :

Animals like horse donkey camel and Elephant extras are used for carrying small loads in backward areas hilly tracks forest region and desert known as pack animals. Generally, the park animals save areas which are inaccessible to modern means of transport animal transport has also played a significant role where there is no road and railway transport, it is a type of surface transport.

Bullock carts :

It constitutes the predominant form of rural Road Transport in India for goods traffic and to some extent for passengers traffic at links of the villagers with the nearby Markets and railway stations which carries the produce for sale to the market and consumer goods to the villages

Road transport :

Road Transport is one of the most promising and potent means suitable for short and medium distances it provides the basic infrastructure for bringing the measure of the people who are living in far off villages in to the mainstream of nation like by connecting them to different places it offers a number of advantages such as flexibility reliability speed and door to door service designs supplementing and increasing the efficiency of the Other Modes of transport

Motor lorries and buses :

From the Dawn of civilization people have Bing Endeavoring to form roads and wheeled vehicles to facilitate transport of men and materials the credit of revolutionizing the road transport and introducing the elements of speed and greater carrying capacity into the system goes to motor lorries and buses introduction of petrol engine and later diesel engine vehicle has been offering good competition to the Railways

Tramways :

It made their appearance in The 19th century as a form of transport suitable for big cities tramways where initially horse-drawn letter stream powered and now electrically operated it is carrying capacity is large they are able to cop up with the peak hours traffic in big cities with the greater popularity of motor buses tramways slowly declined Madras City had tramways till 1933

Railway transport :

The invention of the steam engine by James Watt revolutionized the mode of transport all over the world Railway as a mode of transport is the most organized transport undertaking all over the world Railways author cheapest and quickest means of transport for carrying heavy goods over long distance

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