coca cola company


Coca-cola company was first discovered by John Stith Pemberton in the year 1886

When Pemberton gets an injury in his leg he gets addicted to morphine drug

then he had an idea to make a beverage

In early, he added cocaine as the ingredient and was handwritten as coca cola by him.

Thus it is an unconscious drink therefore sold in pharmacy and he had no profit and died

This is how the the coca cola was first discovered by him.

It wasn’t discovered for digestion

Later Grey who was a share market genius was the one who brought the company and found the real coca cola

Those days alcohol beverage was banned so he opened many coca cola shops

Coca-cola is an alcoholic drink when it was discovered first

And due to some reason, they changed it to a non-alcoholic drink

The formula of coca cola is still a secret one.

Now Coca-cola company has 500 brand and 3000 products and more.

Note: They were the first to introduce the Santa clause character for their advertisement during Christmas time.

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